Enplug Pricing

At Enplug, we believe in simplicity and honesty. That's why we make our pricing transparent for you.

Pick a monthly or annual software plan based on the number of screens you want to use. Then, buy Enplug Devices or download our software to play content on your screens.

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Use our Pricing Calculator to choose your package and get started with Enplug!

1. Pick your Service Plan

Our software plans are based on the number of screens you're using with Enplug.
Monthly and annual options are available. Compare plans here.

2. Choose your Devices

You'll need an Enplug Device or Windows computer for each of your displays.
Choose from the options below.

Enplug Device Options

Mini Device
Most Popular Option

Windows Download
Any Windows 7-10 PC.

Built for Enplug

HD Resolution

4K Resolution





Your Computer


1 Year


All Packages Include

Unlimited Apps

All Enplug packages include access to every app available on our platform, with more apps added frequently. Note that some apps require a separate paid subscription.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Use our Graphics App to manage and display unlimited photos, videos (up to 500MB each), and PowerPoint presentations.

Live Social Media

Use Enplug's Social Media Apps to show interactive Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook posts on your displays.

Mobile Apps for Social Moderation

Manage Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Yelp posts on your displays with our free iOS and Android apps.

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